Sep 28 , 2021

Disposables...An innovation to the vaping industry

There’s a humongous amount of choices of different vape devices available, for someone new to vaping this amount of choice can be seriously baffling. 

If you’re new to vaping due to making a recent decision to quit cigarettes then disposables could be right up your alley. 

At we have options upon options of disposables available.

What is a disposable? 

A disposable is at it says on the tin, a vape that you can dispose of when you’re done with it. Out of all the vape devices out there, disposables are the simplest to use. A disposable looks like a slightly flat tube about the size of a pen, inside there’s the battery, the tank and liquid; none of these parts are exposed to the outside world meaning you don’t need to refill or maintain at all. 

How to properly use a disposable 

It’s so incredibly easy to use a disposable, it’s just a case of putting the device to your mouth, inhaling till satisfied then exhaling. Easy as 1-2-3

Benefits of a disposable 

There are loads of benefits to using a disposable over other vape devices available. 

The first benefit is the truly un-complicated method of using a disposable. There’s no charging the battery or refilling the tank, you just carry it around with you and vape wherever it’s allowed. 

The second benefit is the compactness. Disposables are barely the same length as a pen so you can keep it anywhere on your person or throw it in your bag. 


Disposables are incredibly affordable, for example a sub-ohm vape kit can range from £25-£70+ furthermore mech mods are even more expensive with many of them being priced at over £100 however disposables are priced at £10 meaning you could either have a single mech mod or 10 different disposables. 


Simplicity is the first thing you’ll experience when using a disposable, there’s no charging port so you don’t need to be stuck to a wire furthermore there’s no need to refill as everything is encased as one whole part. 

Lifetime of a disposable 

Most disposables carry 1.3ML of liquid which equates to around 300 puffs, this will easily keep you going all night and partway into the early afternoon furthermore some more well known brands of disposables provide more puffs for example IVG’s disposable tops out at 600 puffs. 

Disposable flavours 

Much like the e-liquid that goes into a “traditional” vape device you’re spoiled for choice with flavours, at the basic level there’s menthol and tobacco available but there’s many more interesting options out there for example IVG provide flavours from Ruby Guava Ice to Butter Cookie to Aloe Grape Ice. 

Are disposables safe? 

In general terms vaping is so much safer than smoking, according to a UK government body vaping is 95% healthier than smoking. With disposables specifically they go through legally imposed standards meaning if it ends up in your hands then it’s safe to use.  

Disposable users 

As stated at the start of this blog disposables are the optimum choice for those new to vaping. They’re a breeze to use and maintenance is completely unneeded. Unfortunately if you’ve been vaping for a while then disposables probably aren’t what you want, there’s no settings to change and if you’re a fan of generating big clouds you won’t get that at all with disposables (rather you get just a brief appearance of a wispy cloud)