Jun 02 , 2021

How do you maximise savings while vaping?


It goes without saying that vaping is FAR cheaper than smoking tobacco. However, have you ever considered the most efficient way to vape? Of course, there are people who have been making their own liquid and coils since day one, but is it a worthwhile endeavour?

You can purchase the base ingredients and concentrates for flavouring fairly easily, shortfills and nicotine shots are of course more cost effective than 10ml bottles already containing nicotine and therefore subject to TPD legislation which only increases the production costs.

Thankfully, we stock a range of concentrates and base ingredients if this is something you would prefer to try. If you have any questions at all we would be more than happy to help and guide you towards what would work best for you. After all, vaping is a hugely individual experience, and it takes a little settling into!