Linden Ultra Garlic (120 Tablets)



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Lindens Ultra Garlic Capsules are packed with 10500mcg allicin to support normal muscle function for healthy movement and digestion, as well as strong bones and teeth. These benefits are supported by the combination of Vitamin B1 and D3, which also help metabolism.

ULTRA GARLIC — Lindens’ most powerful odourless garlic supplement! Packed with 10500mcg allicin, the key component of garlic — together with Vitamins B1 and D3 for heart health and immune health to aid a healthy lifestyle!

ODOURLESS CAPSULES — Ultra Garlic capsules give you all the benefits of a strong garlic supplement without any unpleasant smells. Each capsule is the equivalent to a 15000mg garlic clove!

HEART, IMMUNE SYSTEM & MORE — supporting normal muscle function, garlic has many benefits — and can be taken to help maintain a healthy heart, blood circulation and immune system!

HEALTHY BONES & TEETH — garlic together with the added combination of Vitamin B1 and D3 can help the body to absorb calcium needed to maintain healthy bones and teeth

TRIED & TRUSTED QUALITY — Lindens Health + Nutrition is leading the way in consumer nutrition supplements. Our Ultra Garlic capsules with Vitamin B1 and D3 are packaged in foil-fresh, resealable and light-proof pouches and manufactured in the UK!

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