SMOK Nord Ceramic 1.4 Ohm Replacement Coils



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The 1.4Ω Ceramic Coil is designed for MTL vaping but works better for those who like to chain vape a little. This is due to the ceramic material coping better with higher temperatures that might be seen with heavier vaping.

Smok Nord coils are suitable for use in all Smok Nord kits. In addition these coils work in all Smok Pod kits, using the compatible Nord Pod.

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The Smok Nord range has six coil options. 0.6Ω DC (Dual Coil), 0.6Ω mesh DL, 0.8Ω mesh MTL,  0.8Ω DC (Dual Coil) MTL, 1.4Ω MTL and 1.4Ω Ceramic.

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