Super Garlic 6000mg Capsules (120 Capsules)



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HIGH-STRENGTH GARLIC — 6x more potent than alternative garlic supplements, Lindens Super Garlic capsules contain 4200mcg allicin, the key component of garlic, used to support normal muscle function and antibacterial activity!

HEALTH-BOOSTING FORMULA — the natural benefits of garlic include its ability to help maintain a healthy heart, blood circulation and immune system!

ODOURLESS CAPSULES — Lindens’ high potency formula is completely odourless, giving you all the benefits of an extra-strength garlic supplement without the unpleasant smell. Each 4200mcg allicin capsule is the equivalent of a 6000mg garlic bulb!

ONE-A-DAY CAPSULES — staying healthy has never been easier! Simply take a Super Garlic capsule once a day with a little water. Lindens Super Garlic Capsules are our 7-year best seller for high-potency garlic!

TRIED & TRUSTED QUALITY — Lindens Health + Nutrition is leading the way in consumer nutrition supplements. Our Super Garlic capsules are packaged in foil-fresh, resealable and light-proof pouches and manufactured in the UK!

Lindens Super Garlic is one of the most popular food supplements on the market, helping to support normal muscle function, heart health and immune system health! 


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