Environmental Policy

The Environmental Policy of Latchford Vape aims to guarantee that corporate operations are carried out with the goal of protecting and improving the environment to the greatest extent feasible. Contractors hired by the organisation will be expected to demonstrate the same level of dedication. The Company's employees are legally and morally obligated to carry out their tasks in an ecologically friendly manner. All Company employees must follow the Policy's goals and objectives. The policy is as follows:

  • Compliance with Government Legislation , as well as Local Government Regulations
  • Maintain compliance with all applicable regulatory obligations
  • Immediate action is required in the event of an accident or occurrence that may threaten the environment.
  • Providing guidance to customers, contractors, and others on the safe handling, transportation, and disposal of firm property.
  • Using environmentally acceptable waste disposal methods.
  • Use only registered carriers to dispose of rubbish and recycle whenever possible.
  • Encourage the creation of eco-friendly products, techniques, and equipment.
  • To only use licensed carriers to dispose of rubbish and to recycle whenever possible.
  • Provide adequate training to all employees so that they can carry out their job responsibilities in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Environmental audits are conducted on a regular basis.
  • When the Company announces its formal Environmental Policy Statement, it will prioritise efforts to conserve resources and energy, reduce emissions to the air, water, and land, and increase recycling rates.
  • The company will also aim to influence legislative developments and raise public understanding of environmental challenges related to business.
  • We shall make every effort to improve our environmental performance, particularly in terms of paper recycling and re-use.
  • Apply the concepts of reduction, re-use, and recycling to waste generated by firm activities.
  • Follow all environmental rules and regulations, as well as all other environmental standards.