Priming Coil Guide

It’s crucial to make sure your coil is primed properly before activating your device to stop your coil from burning out straight away. Simply follow these simple steps to properly prime a coil:

  1. Drip a generous amount of liquid into the top of the coil, allowing the cotton within to soak it up between drips, and continue dripping until the white cotton through the side holes becomes moist. If there is too much liquid, simply flick your coil to make it come out.
  2. Replace your coil and refill your tank with liquid.
  3. Leave your device upright for a few minutes to allow all of the liquid to soak into the cotton.
  4. Take a few "primer puffs," which are puffs in which you vape your device but do not really fire it; this method drags the liquid up and over the cotton, allowing for more surface area soaking.
  5. If your device has wattage adjustment, set it to the lowest recommended level for your coil and fire.
  6. Increase the wattage gradually until you reach your desired level.
  7. Congratulations, you now have a primed coil.

A quick tip

If your device spits back at you and makes a gurgling sound when you activate it, you've most likely flooded your coil. This can happen if the device has been sitting about for too long without being used, or if there is too much liquid in the coil from the priming process.

If this happens to you, remove your mouthpiece and repeatedly flick your device downward towards the floor (do this outside or you'll create a mess). This easy action will flick away extra liquid from the coil, ensuring that you don't get spitback or hear a nasty gurgling sound the next time you use your device.

The importance of proper coil priming 

The coil is an essential component of your vape. In actuality, the heating element that converts your liquid into inhalable vapour is your coil. In general, coils are made up of a heating element enclosed in cotton. When you activate your device, the cotton soaks up and keeps the liquid within, allowing it to vaporise.

When to replace your coils 

Coils do not last forever and must be replaced at some point. The period between replacements is determined by a variety of factors. The frequency with which you use your device, the power setting you use, the e-liquid you use, and other factors will all affect the longevity of your coil. As a general guideline, once taste of your vape has gone from amazing to burnt, it's time to switch out coils.