Q1: What is vaping?

A1: Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling vapour when using a vape device. It represents a significant advancement over traditional smoking because it has replaced the bad connotation of traditional smoking. Vapour is a technical term for liquid aerosol, and vapour from a vaporizer is quite similar to steam from a kettle. It's all water vapour at the end of the day. When a fluid is heated, a vapour is produced that can be inhaled and exhaled.

Q2: How do e-cigs work? 

A2: The battery, the tank that holds the juice, a coil housing cotton (the coil is the component that heats up), and the liquid itself comprise a vaping device. A current is supplied by the battery to a coil wound around the wick/cotton, which is then gradually heated to evaporate the liquid.

Q3: Who is vaping designed for?

A3: Anyone above the age of 18, as well as those looking for a cleaner alternative to smoking regular cigarettes, can use vapes.

Q4: How old do you have to be to buy a vape product? 

A4: The legal buying age for anything vape-related is 18 years old.

Q5: Will vaping help me to quit smoking? Can I use vaping products alongside traditional tobacco products? 

A5: Many people have used vaping to help them quit smoking. While some people find it difficult to quit smoking, official figures show that 2.3 million people in the United Kingdom have shifted from smoking to vaping (and the number is growing). There's nothing wrong with vaping alongside tobacco products; in fact, many new vapers do so to ease into the habit. If you still want to smoke, the nicotine content of your liquid is most likely insufficient.

Q6: Is it legal to vape indoors? Are e-cigs affected by the UK smoking ban? 

A6: Because they do not involve combustion, vapes are exempt from the smoking ban and can be used indoors. It is totally up to the building's owner whether or not they authorize it.

Q7: Is it safe to take my vaping products on a plane? 

A7: The answer to whether or not it is safe to carry your vaping items on a plane relies on the airline; each has its own set of rules. While there is no official rule barring passengers from carrying vaping devices on board, airlines have the authority to enforce a blanket-ban rule and have done so in the past.

Q8: Does vaping taste the same as smoking tobacco?

A8: If you like the taste of tobacco, you can choose from a variety of tobacco-flavored e-liquids. A decent vape and e-liquid will also give you the same throat hit and nicotine rush as a cigarette.

Q9: Do e-cigarettes and e-liquids produce a smell? 

A9: It all hinges on the e-cigarette or liquid you're using; some generate a strong odour owing to their flavour (for example, if you vape a grape flavour liquid, someone nearby may smell grapes), but others do not.

Q10: Does the battery in the device make the e-cig too hot to handle?

A10: Your device should not become too hot to handle if you use regulated batteries. Most regulated battery vape devices heat up after prolonged use or charging; if your vape becomes too hot to hold, discard immediately and contact the supplier.

Q11: Is vaping better for me than smoking?

A11: To put it succinctly, yes. Vaping is 95 percent less damaging than smoking, according to a 2015 assessment by the UK regulatory organisation PHE (Public Health England). (https://www.gov.uk/government/news/e-cigarettes-around-95-less-harmful-than-tobacco-estimates-landmark-review)

Q12: What am I actually inhaling?

A12: You're inhaling a solution of 66 percent water, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), flavourings. Depending on your liquid nicotine may also be in the solution. 

Q13: Is there a danger of passive smoking?

A13: Passive smoking is particularly dangerous since it affects people who have never smoked a cigarette. Passive vaping, on the other hand, has so few harmful substances that they are barely noticeable, making it significantly safer than passive smoking, though not risk-free.

Q14: Is nicotine dangerous? 

A14: Despite the fact that nicotine is the most addictive component in tobacco, it has relatively modest health impacts, particularly during pregnancy and maybe throughout adolescence. According to the Royal Society for Public Health in the United Kingdom, it is “no more harmful to health than caffeine.” It is not a cause of cancer or lung disease, and it only has a tiny impact in heart disease.

Q15: Is vaping safe? 

A15:  It is not advised to begin vaping if you are not currently a smoker; nevertheless, vaping has been shown to be up to 95 percent safer than smoking. Obviously, you'd be better off not smoking or vaping, but moving from smoking to vaping is likely to improve your general health dramatically. Tobacco products and the components in them are subject to stringent regulations in the EU and the UK. The EU has identified a number of potentially hazardous substances and has prohibited their usage.

Q16: Is it safe to ingest e-liquid? 

A16: No, E-liquids are not meant to be consumed. If you feel sick after consuming any E-Liquid, please consult a medical expert.

A17: In terms of batteries I’ve heard of mAh but what is it? 

Q17: The mAh stands for milliampere hour and denotes the electrical capacity of batteries as well as the amount of charge the battery can supply.

Q18: What are Nic Salts? 

A18: Nicotine Salts are formed naturally when nicotine binds to chemical molecules contained in tobacco leaves. Nic Salts are ideal for individuals looking to quit smoking since they mimic the compound patterns of Nicotine found in tobacco. Nic Salts' chemical composition is more stable because they are a natural phenomena. Manufacturers construct Nic Salts to be released into the bloodstream at a slower rate, making it healthier for customers as well as more cost effective due to the fact that less of it is required.

Q19: What is a mechanical mod?

A19:  In its most basic form, a mechanical mod is an e-cigarette. A battery tube into which a battery is inserted. You press a switch, which completes the circuit and powers your coil. It's simple to set up, but it's difficult to get perfect, so it's not for novices. You must first learn about battery safety and ohms law.

Q20: Why won’t my devices’ battery charge? 

A20: Check to see that your charger is in good working order. Check that you're using the proper e-cig plug adaptor or USB cable. Examine the battery for any external damage and ensure that the charging points are clean and free of e-liquid.

Q21: My coil is getting very hot, is this okay? 

A21: Your coil is powered by a battery and is working hard to vapourize your e-liquid. It will get warm and, in some people's opinion, hot, especially if you vape it continuously. If you sense the coil becoming overheated, simply place it to one side to cooldown for a few seconds before vaping again.

Q22: What happens when e-liquid goes bad?

A22: There are a few tell-tale symptoms that an e-liquid has reached the end of its shelf life. One of the first things you'll notice is that the taste of your juice has changed; it may taste different, or it may taste like nothing at all. In addition, you may no longer be able to smell your vape juice in the bottle. Although most e-liquid will not dramatically change its fragrance, if it smells unfamiliar or significantly different from how it is meant to, it is probably past its prime. A change in the colour of your juice is another clue. The colour of your juice will naturally darken as it is exposed to oxygen; if it grows significantly darker than you have seen before, it is probably over its expiration date. Vape juice is made up of a variety of substances, some of which are denser than others. This implies that if they are left for an extended period of time, the ingredients will begin to separate, with the thicker liquids sinking to the bottom of the bottle. If this is plainly apparent, the e-liquid is finished. With most liquids, a few shakes should be enough to mix everything back together; however, this is not the case with vape juice.

Q23: How to correctly store vape liquid 

A23: One of the greatest methods to keep your vape juice as fresh as possible during its lifecycle is to store it properly. E-liquid does not enjoy being exposed to direct sunshine, severe temperatures, or too much oxygen. What exactly does this mean? It means that a good dark, room temperature cabinet is the greatest possible spot storing your vape juice. Some vapers prefer to put their e-liquid in the fridge, and if we are having an unusually hot summer (yes, even in the UK), we would also recommend this. Once the bottle is opened, the main difference over time will be the e-liquid becoming darker as the nicotine oxidises due to oxygen exposure. It is more important how the e-liquid is stored than whether or not the bottle has previously been opened. It will be fine as long as your bottles of vape juice are properly sealed while not in use and are not left on a window sill, near an oven, or near a heater. 

Q24: I’ve heard of flavour chasers in the vaping community, who or what are they? 

A24: Flavour chasing is the desire to get the most out of your e-liquid. Every vaper is unique, and they will want to get something different out of their daily vaping experience. Flavour chasers like MTL (mouth to lung) vapes with limited airflow and particular vape coils. This type of vaping does not produce large clouds or require massive quantities of power and airflow; in fact, the opposite is true. This type of vaping typically has a more constricted draw, similar to smoking. When compared to sub-ohm vape kits with high power output, or drippers and mech mods, the clouds of vapour generated will be small. But the flavour from your chosen vape juice will be second to none.

Q25: Is the transition from smoking to vaping hard? 

A25: Hard is a highly subjective term that varies greatly from person to person. Other smokers can pick up an e-cigarette and never touch a cigarette again, while others need a few weeks to break the habit, and some vapers will always dual use (both vape and smoke). Finding the best vape kit for you is a crucial first step. There is an ideal e-cigarette for everyone, but there may be some trial and error in the first few steps, which is where some individuals fail. The perfect e-cigarette and e-liquid combination is essential; otherwise, you will never be able to stop the habit for good, and with so many options available, it can be daunting at first. Customizing your vaping experience is also a crucial part of your first steps into the vaping industry. As an example, make sure you have a variety of e-liquid nicotine levels and flavours on hand so you can switch them out as needed.

Q26: What flavour e-liquid is right for me? 

A26: This is a matter of personal preference. Some people may always stick to tobacco flavours to get the whole smoking experience, while others will shift away from tobacco flavours right away. They prefer the more adventurous fruit or drink flavours.

Q27: What is variable voltage? 

A27: Variable voltage takes your vaping experience to the next level by allowing you to vary the amount of voltage sent to your coil. Variable voltage is similar to a manual car in that you must adjust the voltage manually based on the resistance of your coil. When you replace your coil with one with a different resistance, you must re-adjust the voltage.